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Excellence in Hospitality
On-site service training. We’ve captured the core service values from a broad range of service industries and positions creating a program that maximizes the service potential of every employee in the service industry. The focus is on a variety of essential values such as: responsibility to the patron, positive verbal communication and body language with the flow of the service cycle. Learn how to accept and use customer feedback to improve the quality of service. Incorporate this program into your restaurant, night club, hotel and casino to maximize your customer's overall experience.

Appropriate Attire
Is it Time to Put the "Business" Back into Casual Dress Codes?
You may have noticed "Business Casualties" in your office or around your city. "Business Appropriate" is the term for lifting people out of casual confusion. Become more aware of how you can project authority and respect while retaining the benefits of comfort and convenience.

Business and Dining Etiquette
Service industries, business offices and universities all have the common need to stay up-to-date on the positive advantage of effective interactions (handshakes, eye contact, verbal and non-verbal communication) that put employees at ease with each other and their customers through efficient speaking/listening skills, competent selling ideas and influencing others. Dining etiquette in business is essential to landing that huge deal or breaking in a new client. It plays an important role in making an admirable impression. The objective is to make you feel comfortable and confident with table manners and to make a lasting impression in your business lunch or dinner meetings.

The Customer Service Academy/National Certification Program
Even is this high tech day and age clients appreciate having real people answering their customer service calls. They are even more impressed when face to face with someone with great skill and knowledge in solving their problem. What they say and what they do can build customer satisfaction and loyalty. This program is a national certification class and your employees will become national certified customer service representatives. This boot camp is great for new employees and will serve as a refresher for established customer service veterans. Remember 96% of unhappy customers leave without saying anything but they will tell everyone.

The Customer Service Academy is a terrific start in getting the total image package you need for long-term success.

Vivid Teen Image
Personal Development Program for teen girls. We have formulated an effective program that will provide girls with relevant information needed to meet life's social challenges. We specialize in the areas of positive first impression, body language, proper attire, dining etiquette, civility, grooming and business etiquette. This program will give your students the edge they need to successful in life and build self-esteem at the same time.

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